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For twenty years Crystal Communications has been the preeminent provider of voice, data, security, automation, and I.T. services to the Cruise and Hospitality verticals. In the past few years we have branched out into education, city, and government verticals as well. We have provided our services to every major cruise line, every major hotel brand and a number of cities and school districts around the country and around the world.

The reason for our success is simple: our process doesn’t end with the sale of our equipment. Through comprehensive planning and integration, we ensure our products and services perform well past the standard life cycle. Beyond that, we stand ready to assist our customers by any means possible. Whether providing service or simply updating customers on new trends in the market, we strive to make sure our customers are well versed in the capabilities and function of their systems. From our executives to our technical and administrative staff, our goal is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our customers range from small offices with ten employees to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, and we treat them all with the same professionalism and courtesy. Our mantra is to treat the customer the way we would want to be treated. Our goal is total satisfaction.
Adam P. Jacobs, Managing Partner

We make a point to learn everything we can about the wants and needs of the consumer and to provide our customers with equipment and services which not only meet those needs but has a true migration path towards the future.
Michael Vidal, Managing Partner


We are here for you from design to implementation and beyond.


Our customers are our lifeline and we treat you as such.


It’s not just installation, it is an ongoing resource for your needs.



Crystal Communications provides PBX installations, both on-site and cloud-based, to our customers, no matter how small or large.


Crystal Communications provides data equipment and services from the data center to the edge and everything in between. 


Crystal Communications provides the latest high-speed Wi-Fi access points along with hardware-based and software-based controllers for small, medium and large installations.



Crystal Communications provides some of the most cutting-edge network cameras, video storage, access control, and video management software available.



Crystal Communications provides automation for lights, HVAC, and shades/drapes for hospitality and offices.


Determining such things as life cycle maintenance and where the industry as whole is heading with regards to your I.T. infrastructure can be difficult. Some of the largest Fortune 500 companies depend on Crystal Communications’ expertise and guidance. We can help you too.




"After weeding through technical details and comparing roadmaps, looking for supportability and compatibility with our mission, we had to ask the question, 'who is going to be there for us and support us through these endeavors?' The answer was clear. ...Our partner Crystal Communications had distinguished themselves well ahead of the rest. The solution offered showed they understand their customer needs as well as has the creativity and skill to anticipate possible future needs."
Jonathan Dyson
Director, Enterprise Infrastructure Mercy Ships
"These guys are great! I had a specialized request for my phone system and they made it happen, exactly how I expected. They worked after hours and on weekends to accommodate my company's work schedule, and they did it with a smile on their faces. I couldn't ask for more from a PBX vendor!"
Michael Smith
Director of Network Infrastructure Intellegenz Corp.
"I've worked with Crystal Communications for years and they have never disappointed. Their work is impeccable and their input invaluable. I've thrown a lot at them over the years and they've always stepped up to get things done in timely and efficient manner. It's a shame more companies don't have the dedication, flexibility and commitment to their profession that Crystal Communications has."
Dominick Flores
Director of New Build Projects Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

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