Me by Melia

Me by Melia

A tribute to individuality, productivity, design, and fashion, The ME by Melia, Miami is a striking, modern hotel located in the heart of Downtown Miami.


Client: ME by Melia
Date: 2016


Crystal Communications was contracted to provide the I.T. design and implementation for the hotel. This included:

    • All low voltage cabling
    • Electronic door locks for guest rooms and back of house
    • Telephone system (PBX) for guest room and back of house
    • Wi-Fi for guest rooms, back of house and public areas
    • Data network for guests and administrative use (core and edge switches)
    • Connectivity to PSTN and HSIA
    • Televisions for the guest rooms and public areas

After design work was completed, Crystal Communications was selected to provide the PBX, data network, Wi-Fi and guest  room TVs for the hotel.  As part of the PBX implementation, Crystal Communications installed touch screen telephones in the guest rooms with custom menus and images which allow the guests to easily find services throughout the hotel.