Crystal Communications provides PBX installations, both on-site and cloud-based, to our customers, no matter how small or large. We can provide from 10 extensions to over 100,000 at any location. We provide a blend of TDM, IP, and SIP in a hybrid environment to fit both new and existing cable plants. Our hybrid environment allows our customers to migrate from legacy TDM to IP environments at their pace.

Our full-featured applications provide unparalleled communications for you and youe enterprise. Such features as voice, fax, mobility, messaging, recording, call center, emergency services and much more combine to provide everything your business needs.

More Services


Crystal Communications provides data equipment and services from the data center to the edge and everything in between.


Crystal Communications provides the latest high-speed Wi-Fi access points along with hardware-based and software-based controllers for small, medium and large installations.



Crystal Communications provides some of the most cutting-edge network cameras, video storage, access control, and video management software available.



Crystal Communications provides automation for lights, HVAC, and shades/drapes for hospitality and offices.